Patrice Thompson, EA MBA

I prepare US income tax returns for individuals and businesses, including sole-proprietorships, partnerships, and S or C corporations, and can prepare any state or local income tax return you need.

I specialize in returns for expatriates and business owners. My tax practice is located in central Pennsylvania.

  • Enrolled Agent
  • M.B.A. Penn State University
  • B.A. San Diego State University
  • PTIN and EFIN registration current with IRS
  • Member National Association of Tax Preparers

As an Enrolled Agent I am able to represent clients before the IRS for negotiations or audits and contact the IRS on a client’s behalf if needed. This designation is regulated by law and requires testing and continuing education. I have been registered with a Preparer Tax ID Number (PTIN) since 2003. I am in compliance with all rules governing enrolled agent tax preparers and complete 21 credits or more of continuing education each year during off-season.

Income Earned Overseas
I specialize in preparing returns for US citizens and residents working overseas, particularly expatriates working in combat zones. I have been preparing expatriate tax returns for the past 18 years, since my father, James Herb, retired from the US Navy and subsequently did contract work in Iraq.


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